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The Green Sun's Princess

Hi! I'm Tluthal :3 If you don't recognize me, you can check out my Also Known As page. I'm a 24yo demi-female artist and roleplayer. I use female pronouns. Check out my About Page if you want to know more.
You can see My Art here and here, or check out my Characters. Oh, and I have a Fishtank [Flash]

Also Known As

DeviantArt: NoreenSaoirseFF - Not really active

FurAffinity: Tluthal - Not really active; Elaxi - Inactive; Janus-School - Semi-Active

Livestream: Tluthal’s Art - Active

Wikia: Tluthal’s Character Wiki - Inactive and replaced.

Tlu’s Quotes Doc - Active


  • Onyx Path: Tluthal - Active
  • RPoL: Tluthal - Active!
  • MSPA: Tluthal - Inactive circa 2011

Other blogs I run:

Other contact stuff:

  • I prefer to be told who you are when you add me, otherwise I assume spam. Please feel free to send me an email letting me know who you are ouo
  • Skype: noreenfirefox
  • AIM: quozThrenody NOTE: Trillian for some reason won’t notify me. If you want to add me on AIM, please send me an ask or something so I can add you.
  • MSN: ms.morrigan AT live DOT com
  • Yahoo: ms.morrigan AT ymail DOT com
  • Email: lifefire38 AT gmail DOT com
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